What Makes A Good Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is a great career for the creative person with an eye for detail. If you enjoy creating artistic atmospheres and environments, it may be a career for you. Like any profession, however, there are good interior decorators and run-of-the mill interior decorators. If you want to have a successful career, you should do your best to become the best interior decorator you can be.

A successful interior decorator like Paula Hobbs has to do more than pick colors, choose fabrics, and create a beautiful living space. A designer has to make the sale and satisfy all of the customer’s whims and desires. You have to negotiate with furniture manufacturers, know how to keep accurate documents, bills, and receipts, stay up to date on business codes and requirements, and generally have the ability to keep things operating smoothly and on time. A good interior decorator, consequently, has to be creative and business savvy.


There is no one path to becoming a good interior decorator. Interior decorators pursue different paths and journeys towards their career. It is not necessary to have a degree or license to work as an interior decorator, but it doesn’t hurt either. Some interior decorators carve their own path and create a special niche out of their own resources. An interior decorator acquires their skills, knowledge, and expertise in multiple ways.

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