The Problem with Most Hotels

Almost every hotel has the same flaws as each other. The main ones are that you are competing with other customers and that the price is not fully disclosed. Let’s start with the first one of these. When you check into your typical hotel you will be just one of many guests. The hotel will try to please you but, you are just one of many people they are trying to please. This means that you only get a portion of their attention. Should you have a problem with your room it couple be a couple hours before it is solved. The second issue is that the price you see is just a fraction of what you pay. If you want any services or amenities you will have to pay extra. Everything in the hotel is an up-charge designed to suck as much money out of you as possible. This is a major setback when you go to checkout and you see an extra couple hundred dollars of charges on your final bill.


If you are looking for 5 star hotels in Austin and don’t want these issues I would recommend you take a look at the Austin Luxury suite. You will find that it doesn’t have any of the issues as your typical hotel room. To start you are the only one staying at the suite. Rental Homes Austin, TX are designed for just one family at a time. The Austin Luxury Suite is also has an all-inclusive price. They understand the frustration of surprise bills at checkout. They make sure that never happens and that you still have a smile on your face when you leave.