Sun screens for windows Buda Texas Installation

Buda TX Sun Screens for WindowsThis Buda, Texas home has this very large sunscreens on the front of their home. These windows are very tall. You can see there by looking through the sun screens for these windows the break in the window and then look all the way up and then you’re going to see that top pane of glass is very large.

These are very large, very tall windows, but it’s OK, we can always build a solar sun screen for any and every shape and size of your window. Above these four opening windows, you’re going to have four non‑opening windows. Those windows took sunscreens that were screwed directly to the window frame. The windows below allowed for a pop‑in sunscreen for window installation, meaning it had a lip provision at the top of the window and one at the bottom.  Read this happy customer’s solar screen review.

Solar Screens for all windows, or two sides

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This is a red and brown brick home so we used the black solar screen fabric. The framing of the window color is white and we used the white framing to build our Round Rock TX Solar Window Screens with. These are all 80 percent solar screens.

This solar screen customer put solar screens on all of the windows to include those around the front door, so the two on either side of the front door and then that horizontal one that’s above the front door, as well as that very large, rectangular window on the second floor above the front door.

This customer originally had us install solar screens just on the back, left, and right sides of their house. They subsequently, about three months later, asked us to come back over and finish off the rest of the house. It’s very common for people to install screens on one side of the home and then to turn around later on, once they’ve appreciated and experienced the solar screens, and to have us do the rest of their windows.

Our solar screen pricing is discounted and modeled based on quantity so that if you do all of your windows up‑front at one time the pricing is considerably less than breaking it up into multiple steps, multiple installs, like what we have done here.

What is the Best Vacation Rental?

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I travel for business every couple of weeks and have been to most of the major cities in the United States. One of my frequent travel locations is in Austin, Texas. I have probably travelled there for work a couple dozen times and spent at least 3 months of time there. In the beginning I would just stay in your typical hotel room. It got the job done but, after spending ten hours in meetings and giving presentations it wasn’t exactly the most exciting place to come back to. I could watch basic cable but, that was about it. About two years ago I began looking for other travel options since I would spend several days there. I started out looking for Austin Texas Vacation Rentals. While I was not on vacation, I did want to be able to relax and enjoy the city I was in after I finished my work. One of the places I came across was the Austin Luxury Suite. Ever since that day I have not stayed anywhere else.


Amenities of a Luxury Austin Vacation Rental usually include a small kitchenette and a living room area. This unit went above and beyond those expectations. I was almost ashamed when I saw the pictures because the unit is nicer than my own home. The kitchen is completely stocked with everything I could ever need. I chose not to do much cooking but, I could have if I wanted. Instead of just a small table there was a full dining room and entertainment area. One day I even came home and watched the Dallas Cowboys play on the large projector screen. While I may have been travelling for work, at the end of the day it felt like a luxurious vacation.

Finding the Best Hotel in Austin

Austin, Texas is a city rich in culture and activities for people of all ages. I would suggest that all people make a point to spend a couple weeks in the city. The key point to making any trip a success is to contact a best hotel in Austin. This is easier said than done because a large popular city has many places to stay. The issue is that you often can’t tell how good a hotel is until you have paid and are checked in. You should look for places that offer dozens of pictures on their website to aid in your decision making process. I have been to one place that I can honestly say will surpass the expectations of everyone.

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It is more than just a hotel; it is a full scale luxury suite. This suite comes with all the comforts of home plus some. The best hotels in Austin can’t even come close to the quality you will find in this unit. The luxury suite is an individual housing unit where you are the center of attention. The home comes with everything you could possibly want, plus a spacious outdoor entertainment area in the heart of downtown. At this suite you can have friends and family all come and relax. You may have a busy trip planned for your stay in Austin but, you will want to take an evening to relax and enjoy a cookout on the porch. I challenge you to find any other place downtown with as much outdoor space. Do not just take my word for it. Check out the website to see all the photos and videos of the suite so you can make an informed decision yourself.

Why you need an Interior Decorator

paula-hobbs-interior-decoratorMany people like to think they can design a space well on their own. Why would you need to hire a person to come in and help? This can be a tricky subject to talk about because many people get offended that people dislike their taste. It is not about personal taste or preferences. In fact, when it comes to interior design there is very little personal preference invoked. Personal preferences are great for a home but, if you are trying to sell a house or market your space to others you can’t design with your own taste. This is a daunting task to beginning designers and inviting in an Austin Interior Decorator allows an outside set of eyes to look over the place with a different perspective. A professional designer is not going to design a home simply for your preferences. She will create a space that will be appealing to as many visitors as possible. When you are selling a home it is challenging to find a person who likes the same decorations as you but, finding people who appreciate the most popular and modern design trends is much easier. The more people your space appeals to the better the chances are of you getting your home sold quickly.

Here is the Austin Texas Interior Decorator Contact for the best and highest respected designers in the city. She has years of experience in this city and she has learned the trends that are most popular. Being up to date on the latest fashions and designs allows her to turn your home into a five star resort by the time she is done with it.

Home Staging to Improve House Value

When trying to sell your home the obvious goal is to get as much money as you want. There are many ways to improve your home’s value but, most of these are pricey. One obvious repair is to update a kitchen or bathroom. The value will improve but, at a high cost to you. If you are updating a home to live in it’s not such a bad thing. However, trying to get a home sold for a higher value won’t work if you have to pay a lot out of pocket. Hiring the help of a Home Stager is one of the cheapest ways to improve the value of your house. The trick is that you are not actually doing any work to your home. All you are spending on is a bit of professional help. The trick is that you are changing the visual appearance of a home to add perceived value to a house.


Perceived value is just as important as true value when you are selling a house. Trying to get a home sold is all about winning over the emotions of others. Creating an atmosphere that makes others feel at home is even more important than having a high end kitchen. This is a major improvement for Austin TX homes. While Austin homes often have high end finishing’s, this is not as important as having a home that feels like home the moment you walk in. Buyers understand that the furniture does not come with the home. The reason it helps because it is a visual aid that allows people to see the potential of the home.

The Problem with Most Hotels

Almost every hotel has the same flaws as each other. The main ones are that you are competing with other customers and that the price is not fully disclosed. Let’s start with the first one of these. When you check into your typical hotel you will be just one of many guests. The hotel will try to please you but, you are just one of many people they are trying to please. This means that you only get a portion of their attention. Should you have a problem with your room it couple be a couple hours before it is solved. The second issue is that the price you see is just a fraction of what you pay. If you want any services or amenities you will have to pay extra. Everything in the hotel is an up-charge designed to suck as much money out of you as possible. This is a major setback when you go to checkout and you see an extra couple hundred dollars of charges on your final bill.


If you are looking for 5 star hotels in Austin and don’t want these issues I would recommend you take a look at the Austin Luxury suite. You will find that it doesn’t have any of the issues as your typical hotel room. To start you are the only one staying at the suite. Rental Homes Austin, TX are designed for just one family at a time. The Austin Luxury Suite is also has an all-inclusive price. They understand the frustration of surprise bills at checkout. They make sure that never happens and that you still have a smile on your face when you leave.

Cedar Park, TX solar blinds for windows

Cedar Park TX Solar Blinds for Windows

Shown in this Cedar Park, TX solar blinds for windows installation here, we have two half‑arched windows with two half‑arched solar blinds. As shown in this picture, you will see in the top right hand corner we have a “before” picture showing the two windows, and an “after” picture showing those same two windows with the solar blinds. Take a look here for more Austin TX solar screen PICTURE installs.

There on the third floor it has a dormer window, you will see that we also put a solar blind there. It is important that you cover up all of your windows, not just some of them.

A House is More than a Home


All houses are exactly the same. They may look different but, when you break them down to the bare basics, they are all just different combinations of paint, concrete, wood, etc. Ask yourself why do you enjoy your house? You will find that your house is actually a home because of the items and people inside it. Think back to when you first moved into your home and as you walked through the doors for the first time and it was bare. It was lonely and impersonal but once your decorated and moved in it turned from a house into your home. This empty space is all a potential buyer sees when walking into your for a tour. An Austin Home Stager can help turn this house into a full home where any potential buyer can see him or herself living. Once a home is properly staged a visitor will feel like he or she is already at home.

Do not underestimate the power of emotions in the home buying process. Only half the decision comes from rational points such as price or location. You should Contact Austin Home Stager to see what design would be the best for your home. Each home offers a unique and different space. This leads to endless opportunities as to interior design and furniture placement. Home staging will cost you a little bit of money but, imagine the money it will save by getting your home sold quicker. Research has shown that having a properly staged home increase the odds of your home being sold for full asking price by 48% and on average gets a home sold 3 months quicker than it would have on its own.

What is the Austin Luxury Suite?


The owners of the Austin luxury suite set out several years ago to create a rental home away from home that visitors would be proud to stay in trip after trip. The idea sprung from a personal vacation where the hotel ended up being a dump that merited leaving in the night and checking into a different place. It ruined part of the vacation and exposed the fact that most vacation units are subpar, to say the least. The Austin Vacation Home Rental is designed with the customer, not the bottom line, in mind. While business is essential to hotels, the more important part is creating a space that visitors will come back to. The owners started out by walking through their own home and taking note of everything that made them enjoy where they live. They then took these essential parts and brought them together to form the Austin Luxury Suite.


To start you will find that the Austin Vacation Home Rental Pricing is all inclusive. Nothing is more frustrating than being hit with excessive upcharges at checkout. Here what you agree to upfront is what you pay. Secondly, when you walk in you will see why this is no ordinary hotel. Every square inch of space is decorated and planned for your entertainment. The bathrooms are like those of a spa, the bedrooms are warm, and the kitchen is large enough to happily serve your entire family. When you travel on a vacation or business trip you deserve much more than a basic room with a bed. On your next trip of Austin take a look at the luxury suite. You will never look at a hotel room the same way again.

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