Numerous reasons to stage a home

There are numerous reasons to stage a home. You most likely know already that staging an empty home can make it more appealing. It gives it a “home” feeling that draws the buyer in to make an offer on the home. However, there is the added benefit that when the buyer is focused on the design he or she will be overlooking other things on the home.

For example, let’s say your house is 20 years old. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older home. However, with today’s housing market it can be difficult to sell an older home when dozens of brand new houses are sitting vacant just waiting to be picked up. There is no way to turn an older home into a brand new one but, by properly staging the home you can distract him or her from the fact that you home is older. Instead you will have the buyer focused on the designs and space that are available in your home.

Now to be clear, I am not suggesting that you hide information. That is wrong and you should always disclose and known problems with the house before signing contracts. I want you to be honest with your buyers but, by highlighting the best parts you can overshadow the bad. When you see a commercial on television for a product you are being told the best qualities of the product. Now if you go the store and view the actual item you can see the small print about the negatives. However, when selling and advertising they are focusing on the best parts. This is the exact same thing you should do when selling your home. You can simply think of home staging as a high end marketing technique.

When you list an empty house for sale you are advertising a 2000 square foot building with walls and a roof. When you list a staged home for sale you are selling a house that a family with their children can call home. I will be the first to tell you that the house will bring in a much better offer than the building with walls and a roof. Many buyers base decisions off of emotions and impulse. If you can create the dream home for the buyer to walk through you will have captured the sale. Do this with multiple buyers and you can receive multiple offers leading to a bidding war for you home. Not only will you sell your home but, with the proper home staging, you could even get more than you initially asked for.