Enjoy your stay

Planning a vacation to Austin, Texas can be an adventure of your life. However you will need to have a wonderful and comfortable place to stay, and Austin Texas has many elegant hotels. A few luxury hotels in Austin are the Omini Austin, InterContinental Stephen F. Austin, and Hotel Saint Cecilia. The Omini hotel is located at 700 San Jacinto Boulevard At 8th Street. The hotel is conveniently located just miles from the airport. They offer many amenities such as fine dining, spa package, fitness center, and many other. Then there is the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin hotel located at 701 Congress Avenue. The hotel offers twenty-one suites, and one-hundred and eighty-nine luxury rooms. This hotel offers fine dining, executive suites, and a state of the art fitness center among many more amenities. Then there is the luxury Hotel Saint Cecilia located at 112 Academy Drive. They have an indoor and out door pool, spa facility, pets are welcomed,and fine dining among many others. All of these Austin Texas luxury hotels have WiFi for your convenience. They are located conveniently near shopping centers for your pleasurable enjoyment. Therefore come enjoy your stay in Austin, Texas at one of there finest hotels available.