Solar screen jobs around Austin

Some pictures of sliding door screen installations.

In this picture I am showing some solar screen sliding doors made out of our 90% solar screen fabric. You got a pocket door on the right hand side. And then a sliding door to the left. That sliding door slides behind that pocket door when you need to get out. We matched the solar screen sliding door colors of chocolate Fabric and tan frame with the solar screens on the windows. As you can see to the left there, there are two solar screens on the windows.

The back side of this home faces West. Because this side of the home faces West we used our 90% solar screen fabric. The customer wanted to protect their sliding door so we built a pocket and solar screen sliding door for it.

With these measures, the back of this home will stay comfortable during the summer.

This Austin Texas solar screens project was a success for this homeowner.

Using the 90% solar screen fabric for the west-facing side.

This side of the home faces West, so we used our 90% solar screen fabric. This is a Pflugerville TX solar screens installation that we did in 2018.

Each of these back side windows received the 90% solar screen fabric.

As you can tell by looking at that back patio swing door, it as well now has a solar screen on it.

In the following picture you will see some 90% chocolate brown solar screens. This chocolate brown fabric of ours ties in really well with the brick for this house. As well as all of the other brown tones. We also have a new mocha brown fabric color. But the mocha has more of an orange tint to it and would not work on this home.

Solar screens sometimes have to be mounted with turn clips.

Here in this picture you can see where we installed half circle solar screens with two very tall rectangular shaped solar screens underneath them.

These are what we call Flat windows. For flat Windows there are not any kind of tracks at the top or bottom to hold a full size screen. Because of this we used our die cast metal turn Clips to hold the screens up against the window.

2018 Round Rock TX solar screens project completed in May 2018

2018 Round Rock TX solar screens project completed in May 2018

Showing how solar screens install onto wood windows.

This is a wood framed window project that we installed some grey solar window screens on. For wood-framed windows when we install solar screens we direct screw the screen into the inset wood trim of the window. The screens are screwed on using wood screws. We paint the heads the wood screws the same color as the solar screen framing so that they match.

You want your window to be able to drain.

This is a great picture here that shows how we install a solar screen onto a vinyl window. Most all vinyl windows will have drain holes at the bottom. We extracted, pulled, the drain hole plastic piece and then we took our solar screen down to about Midway of the drain hole. This way when water gets into the vinyl window it has a way to escape.

Solar Screens for all windows, or two sides

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This is a red and brown brick home so we used the black solar screen fabric. The framing of the window color is white and we used the white framing to build our Round Rock TX Solar Window Screens with. These are all 80 percent solar screens.

This solar screen customer put solar screens on all of the windows to include those around the front door, so the two on either side of the front door and then that horizontal one that’s above the front door, as well as that very large, rectangular window on the second floor above the front door.

This customer originally had us install solar screens just on the back, left, and right sides of their house. They subsequently, about three months later, asked us to come back over and finish off the rest of the house. It’s very common for people to install screens on one side of the home and then to turn around later on, once they’ve appreciated and experienced the solar screens, and to have us do the rest of their windows.

Our solar screen pricing is discounted and modeled based on quantity so that if you do all of your windows up‑front at one time the pricing is considerably less than breaking it up into multiple steps, multiple installs, like what we have done here.

Dripping Springs TX Solar Screen Installation

110113z (3)This is an Austin Texas SOLAR WINDOW SCREEN installation that we did on a home in Dripping Springs, Texas. We installed a total of 32 solar screens on this home. This customer had quite a few half‑circles as you can tell by these pictures. We put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home, front, left, back, and right‑side.

110113z (4)The fabric color that we used is a black fabric with a white frame, and we used 80 percent solar screens all the way around the house.  This customer like all our customer was very happy with the installation and wrote us a happy solar screen customer review of which we posted on our website.

28 Window Solar Screen Installation

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This is an Austin Texas solar screen installation that we did for a customer in north Austin. We put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home, a total of 28 windows. We used a chocolate fabric with white frame.

110113y (10)The one window that we did not put a solar screen on is a back patio door. I would have liked to, for uniformity’s sake seen a solar screen on that back patio door. I think it looks odd to not have one on it.

Also, this customer had a pergola across his entire back patio. Pergolas make it very difficult for us to put solar screens on the second‑floor windows. However, we will do it and our solar screen pricing does not change. Just please be cognitive of knowing whether or not you have a stable pergola for us to be able to stand on it or not before you start your order.

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Enjoy your stay

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Boutique Hotels in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has many activities for you and your family to enjoy, but most important is having accomodations for your living arrangments. Austin offers some of the very best boutique hotels around such as the grand Aloft Austin at The Domain Hotel located at 11601 Domain Dr. The average cost per night is $170 to $204. This is an urban style hotel with amenities such as pools, business center, and meeting rooms. This one-hundred and forty room hotel will be worth your while. Another one of Austin’s boutique hotels is the fabulous Habitat Suites hotel located at 500 E. Highland Mall Blvd. The average cost per night at this environmentally friendly hotel is $107 to $207. The majority of there power are through solar energy. They offer meeting rooms, complimentary breakfast, and pools. The Kimber Modern hotel is one of the best boutique technological hotels in Austin, Texas. The hotel is located at 110 The Circle. The average price per night for a single or double range from $250 to 365. The naturalistic courtyard combines nature with a sleek modern scheme. In all, Austin, Texas have several modern boutique hotels that will be worth your stay while visiting Austin, Texas.

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Hip Austin Hotels

Austin is a trendy city located in central Texas. It is not only the capitol of Texas, but also a popular tourist destination known as the “Music Capitol of the World.” There are thousands of hotels located throughout Austin. Here are some of Austin’s hippest hotels: The Lakeway Resort and Spa- Located on the shore of Lake Travis, this five-star hotel has a deluxe spa on site, along with an 18-hole golf course. It has spectacular views of Austin and is conveniently located to most of Austin’s hottest bars and night clubs. Aloft Austin at the Domain- This hip hotel is located in the heart of downtown Austin, features a popular lounge and bar and is becoming on of the hottest hotels in the area. It’s location is perfect for shopping, dancing and bar hopping and there’s never a shortage of events happening in the area. The Hilton Austin- For a deluxe, five star stay, the Hilton Austin is a trendy and modern hotel located in Austin’s famous entertainment district. This is the largest hotel in the city, has it’s own restaurant and bar, and is within walking distance of many of Austin’s most popular attractions.