Josh Hobbs, Expert Installer of Solar Screens for Windows of Austin Homes

If visit Josh Hobbs website, you will find over 300 positive reviews from satisfied customers. You will also see that these reviews are authentic and many of them are signed with the first and last names of your neighbors. If you are thinking of getting solar screens for windows of Austin homes, then you should go with a contractor that you can trust and that is known for his excellent customer service.

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If you are still learning about solar screens and trying to decide if they are for you. Josh has an excellent website up. He goes into great detail so that you understand exactly what the process will be like and how installing these sun shades will benefit you.

The FAQ section of the site is great and after being in this business for so many years, Josh does seem to be able to anticipate what questions or concerns you might have. He is also able to walk you through the process quite effectively. You’ll also find many photos on the website of completed jobs that Josh has done, and you will see that he has worked on many different types of homes and businesses. He has worked with buildings made of brick, wood and siding and in whatever styles you can think of.

Screens for Windows Equal Warm Weather Savings

If you are trying to save money this summer, one great way is to cut your air conditioner bill in half. In fact, you can do this every single summer from here on out. What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra this summer? Could you and your family go on a vacation? Could you get the kids a present they’ve been wanting for a while? Or would you just like to put some aside to help build up your savings?

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Whatever you want to do with your extra money this summer and every summer, the best thing to do is to move forward with the process of installing screens for windows. If you wait and talk yourself out of it, you will regret it. You will go through 3 months of summer and wonder why in the world you wasted all the money that you have.

Many of Josh Hobbs’ customers state that their homes are completely cool and comfortable after they walk into their homes after being outside, and the air conditioner was not on at all. They state that this is true, even in midday when the Texas sun is the hottest. They are a wise choice and most homeowners that have them, can’t believe they every lived without them.

Install Josh Hobbs’ Sun Shade Screen for Windows to Make Your Home More Comfortable Right Now!

Josh Hobbs is offering one of the best services that the Austin area has ever seen. It is a service that is bound to be in demand all over the country in the coming decades, first in southern regions and later, anywhere in the world, where the summer months can get especially uncomfortable. What is this exciting new product? It is called a sun shade screen for windows.


Many people mistakenly believe that a sun shade screen for windows is just a term that describes any sun shade that you can buy in a store, but the ones that Josh Hobbs will install for you are very different. They offer benefits that no other sunshade can. They will save you money, keep you comfortable, truly enhance your reputation and help to make the world a better place. There are not many products that can offer you so many benefits while still being affordable.

They save you money because you don’t have to use as much AC energy to cool your home. The cool you feel in your home will be natural and comfortable. Doing good things for the environment will always enhance your appearance to your peers and you won’t just be doing something that looks good, you will genuinely be reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Screens for Windows

In the summer the sun can get pretty hot, drive up the cost of our utility bills and make our home still a little bit uncomfortable even though the air conditioning unit is running full blast.
If this sounds a little bit like your home, there is an answer to help solve this problem and make your home cooler when you need it most.

If you look out your window and see screens, they may be part of your problem of not being able to cool your home the way you like it. The problem is not that you have screens on your windows. It may be they are the wrong ones for summer.
Solar screens for windows are a big help in blocking out the sun. When the window glass gets heated up that heat penetrates into the room lowering the temperature and decreasing comfort. They will not hinder outward visibility and the costs of solar screens may be cheaper than you think. They are quite popular items and you should be able to find great sales in stores or on line. In the long run, they will be worth every penny you spend in looks, savings, and comfort.

Solar Shade Screen Windows, One Simple Product, So Many Benefits

Not many products can boast results like solar shade screen windows. In addition to blocking out heat, these shades will let light through even when they are closed. They are an ideal choice if you want to have one the best summers you can remember. Don’t waste another summer and a lot of money double thinking a decision that should be an obvious one. Say yes to solar shade screen windows.

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There are even some places in the country that will give you tax benefits for making improvements like these to your home. Many people are installing Energy Saver appliances in order to get these tax breaks, installing sun shades is just another way to do this. In addition to getting financial help in the way of tax breaks, you will have lower electric bills and a lower level of stress in general, since you don’t have to deal with the worry that high utility bills can bring.

With these shades, it’s easy to be a good example in your community. There are no new things you have to learn and no special things you have to do to take advantage of all of the benefits solar shade screen windows can bring. Head over to the website and create your estimate now. You don’t have to wait for someone to come out and give you a quote.

Sun Screens Austin Texas for windows

The Texas sun can get very hot. It is able to heat up anything in its path including the inside of a home. Even with the air condition running the suns rays that come in through the windows can make the home feel like a sauna. There is help for homeowners to stay cool. There are sun screens Austin Texas for windows to keep the heat out.
The sun screens are installed over the window to block out the heat.


The screens are made from a durable PVC coated fabric. There screen are made from Phifer Suntex 80 90% material so they are built to last. The screen are so strong that they can resist harsh weather conditions and even scratching for pets. The screen will keep the heat out but still allow the light to come in. These screens are customized to fit any window of a home whether it is big or small.

Saving Energy with Solar Screen Windows

Solar screen windows are one of the most effective types of windows a homeowner can install if they are looking to lower their energy bill. This is because solar screen windows prevent heat from being transferred through your windows. Most window companies are going to tell you that you should convert all of your windows solar screens in order to maximize the energy you are saving. However, that is simply not true. It is recommended that you definitely cover all of your windows that are facing east and west. You can also consider covering all of your windows facing south as well. However, it is not suggested that you cover any windows facing north with solar screens. There is, however, an exception to this rule. If your north facing windows receive a strong glare from the sun due to nearby buildings or structures, they should be covered with solar screens as well.

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Lastly, you do not have to worry about the installation process taking too long as solar screen windows are extremely easy to install on any home.