The Low Cost of Interior Decorators

Interior decorators are often thought to be only for the rich. Many times the average person will not even look at interior decorators because they feel the cost will be too high. The truth of it is that an Interior Decorator is much cheaper than perceived. The best way to get started is with an initial consultation. One of the top interior decorators in Austin Texas offers a two hour consultation. At this point she comes out to your home and looks it over with you to get your decorating started. Now this will not be a sit down meeting to discuss plans. This will be a part of it but, you will be working during this consultation. She is a busy bee and will be moving all over your home coming up with new ideas and layout to help the overall flow and appearance of your home. You may find that a few new pieces are important for decorating your house but, more than likely you will find you have all the necessary pieces. Almost any furniture or décor can be rearranged to improve your homes appearance.


This two house consultation is less than the cost of a piece of furniture. If you tried to decorate yourself you could end up wasting more money than if you hired a professional to help you. By just overspending on one piece of furniture you will lose more money than if you had simply hired an interior decorator from the start. You are a professional at what you do for a living and a decorator is a professional at the job she does. Allow the professionals to help you decorate and save money while doing it.

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The Many uses of Interior Decorating

Interior decorating is an interesting business that has many uses. The first is to improve the look of your home for your own personal enjoyment. Austin’s Interior Decorator excels in this field, just like she does in many others. About 35% of people hiring an interior decorator are doing so to improve the appearance of a home or business. You are in this building several hours a day so you want to enjoy and appreciate the place you live in. There is no easy way to do this on your own and bringing in a professional allows the work to be finished quickly.

Another major use of an interior decorators skill is to help spruce up a home that is about to be sold. You can easily see the difference in houses that are professionally decorated and those that are haphazardly thrown together. has many great ideas for getting your home ready for sale. Having your home decorated can turn a simple home design into a classy high-end house that attracts a new kind of customer. These customers are willing to pay more for nicer homes. They also have the money to back up this attraction. Creating a stylish environment for potential buyers is a major step you can take towards getting a home sold quicker than it would on its own. While decorating a home for yourself is more rewarding, you will feel plenty of reward when you begin receiving multiple offers on your home that sell it fast and for a price higher than expected. Just check out the professional interior decorators to see what can be done for you.

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Why you need an Interior Decorator

paula-hobbs-interior-decoratorMany people like to think they can design a space well on their own. Why would you need to hire a person to come in and help? This can be a tricky subject to talk about because many people get offended that people dislike their taste. It is not about personal taste or preferences. In fact, when it comes to interior design there is very little personal preference invoked. Personal preferences are great for a home but, if you are trying to sell a house or market your space to others you can’t design with your own taste. This is a daunting task to beginning designers and inviting in an Austin Interior Decorator allows an outside set of eyes to look over the place with a different perspective. A professional designer is not going to design a home simply for your preferences. She will create a space that will be appealing to as many visitors as possible. When you are selling a home it is challenging to find a person who likes the same decorations as you but, finding people who appreciate the most popular and modern design trends is much easier. The more people your space appeals to the better the chances are of you getting your home sold quickly.

Here is the Austin Texas Interior Decorator Contact for the best and highest respected designers in the city. She has years of experience in this city and she has learned the trends that are most popular. Being up to date on the latest fashions and designs allows her to turn your home into a five star resort by the time she is done with it.

How to Start with an Interior Decorator

Interior decorating is a fun process. It allows you to express ideas and themes throughout a space by simply moving a few pieces and choosing appropriate color schemes for the space. However, there is a science to it because not all designs work for others. If you are designing a place for yourself you can do whatever suites you but, for others you have to be able to create a space that will please every person walking in the room. Paula Hobbs is an Interior Decorator Austin expert. She has many years of experience that allow her to walk into a space and get a sense for the soul and potential of the room. This is where I recommend you begin. Before you make any major commitments she will come out to your location for a two hour consultation. She will be able to see the space and help you make the important decisions to make your space as visually appealing as possible. You better be ready to get some work done when she arrives because the moment she walks in the gears of design will be spinning in her head.

She respects all her customers and will not waste a moment of her time. Her years of experience allow her brain to produce ideas much quicker than others who are just entering the field of design. You may be asking what kind of work is she able to produce. I will tell you the same thing I tell others; just see for yourself. You can look at Interior Décor Pictures to get an idea of what your space can look like by the time she is done. It only takes a matter of hours to turn your house into a beautifully designed resort.

What Makes A Good Interior Decorator

An interior decorator is a great career for the creative person with an eye for detail. If you enjoy creating artistic atmospheres and environments, it may be a career for you. Like any profession, however, there are good interior decorators and run-of-the mill interior decorators. If you want to have a successful career, you should do your best to become the best interior decorator you can be.

A successful interior decorator like Paula Hobbs has to do more than pick colors, choose fabrics, and create a beautiful living space. A designer has to make the sale and satisfy all of the customer’s whims and desires. You have to negotiate with furniture manufacturers, know how to keep accurate documents, bills, and receipts, stay up to date on business codes and requirements, and generally have the ability to keep things operating smoothly and on time. A good interior decorator, consequently, has to be creative and business savvy.


There is no one path to becoming a good interior decorator. Interior decorators pursue different paths and journeys towards their career. It is not necessary to have a degree or license to work as an interior decorator, but it doesn’t hurt either. Some interior decorators carve their own path and create a special niche out of their own resources. An interior decorator acquires their skills, knowledge, and expertise in multiple ways.

Read about Paula’s Services here.

Interior Decorator Paula Hobbs

Pop-Decor Austin, Texas Interior Decorator Paula Hobbs will work with you to create a living and entertaining space that you love.

Your home is the way you express your personality. It is your living space. You can make it a place where you relax and where your family and friends feel welcomed and refreshed.

You have goals and dreams. Home is a springboard to make these happen.

Imagine walking into your home with the incredible feeling that this is the place you can kick off your shoes and be yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning to a work space that helps you get ready for a productive day?

Make your kitchen not only a workhorse to feed everyone you love, but a place to share wonderful memories of friendship and good times.

Don’t forget to give yourself a bathroom that lets you wash away the worries of the day.

From building a new home to bringing new pizzazz to a beloved room, and even staging a home for sale, Paula will help you achieve your plans.

You already own furniture and decorations that you love. Make use of what you have with Paula’s expertise in arrangement.

If you are building a new home or remodeling, Paula can assist you in design choices when you select building materials, purchase furniture, or even find a contractor.

Take the first step by contacting Paula. Make your home a place where you live and thrive.

An interior decorator with compassion for my needs

When you are decorating your home either for the first time or to change its look it is important to have someone who can meet all your needs at the end of the day. Communication is key, so when you are looking for an interior designer make sure that you find one who can meet all of your needs. Trust in an interior decorator who has insight and the compassion to meet all of your needs. If you are looking for an interior decorator then look no further, you have found one that is willing to dedicate the time to have all of your personal home decorating desires met.


By providing personal attention you will find that your interior designer will take the time to seriously please you about your home’s appearance. The way to truly improve one’s home is to take a look at its current status and to tell your interior decorator how you want it changed, and that is exactly what you get with your new interior designer who will listen and meet your needs.

Take the first step and get in contact with an interior designer who is ready to listen to your inquiries. Have all of your questions answered before you begin the process, that way you know what direction your new designer is taking towards redecorating your new home. Communication is key, and with proper communication you will find that your home is going to look more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

Find a compassionate Interior Decorator Austin Texas for my wants and needs

If you are trying a compassionate interior decorator in Austin, Texas, then here is one thing you need to know when considering an interior decorator. One of the most common trends that seems to be taking hold these days is the idea of mixing and matching to achieve a feeling that the home is completely unique to the person who resides in the home. After reading through this, you will have an understanding of the mixing and matching idea that will make your home stand out as your own.


The idea behind this type of interior decor is it allows the personality of the homeowner to come out. Specifically, it allows the guests of the homeowner to feel the presence of the home through the homeowner’s eyes when he or she applies the imagination to it. This creates a great deal of comfort to the person who happens to walk through the eclectic rooms of the house. This comfort will then lead to a feeling of being welcome inside the walls of an unfamiliar place. Once you understand this idea, then you and your guests will greatly benefit from it.

Now that you know the idea behind mixing and matching for your interior decor, you will probably see this in a whole new light. Remember that it is important to keep your guests in mind when you are choosing your next type of fabrics or paint. Now take action, and find that next bed frame or wall paper that will greatly enhance the feeling of your home.

Find the Best Furniture For Your Home With A Great Austin Interior Decorator

So you’re looking around the house one day and you notice that your furniture is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s a little worn and, frankly, out of style. You decide that you need to get rid of that old stuff and find something that works better. But what? If you’re unsure what kind of furniture will work best with your rooms, you should consider hiring an interior decorator.


New furniture shopping by an Austin interior decorator might be just what you need. Let her come to your house, analyze your color scheme, and ask you about your expectations. Chances are that she’ll be able to find furniture that looks great, even in ways that you didn’t at first expect.

Decorating your room with new furniture is an art and requires an artist’s eye to maximize the aesthetic beauty. Attempting to find new furniture on your own can result in some unfortunate looks for your rooms. That’s because your eye isn’t trained in the kind of subtleties that an interior decorator will be looking for.

Paula Hobbs is an experienced interior decorator who can find bring out the natural personality of a room by picking out furniture that works well with a room’s colors and design. Check out her website and you’re sure to agree.

Great Accessories and Art From a Top Austin, TX Interior Decorator

If something about your Austin home seems not quite right, you should consider hiring an interior decorator to jazz up the place a little with artwork and other cool nick knacks that will totally change the look of a room, or even your entire home. Bold accessories and art sourced by an Austin TX interior decorator can turn your room into something even you don’t recognize (but in a good way).

An Austin interior decorator will work with you to find the best matches for the colors and style of your room. They’ll make sure you’re happy with the artwork and accessories they select and that they match your personality. They’ll work within your budget to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

Any number of artworks and accessories will work for a given room. They key is integrating your personal preferences. Maybe you like more modern, abstract art. Perhaps you prefer artwork that’s representational. Whatever you like, your interior designer will find pieces that match your exact personality.

Paula Hobbs is the kind of Austin interior decorator that everyone loves. She’s affordable at all income levels. She’s even available for two-hour consultations. If you’re thinking about adding artwork or accessories to your home or apartment, make sure to give her a call first.