The Goal of Home Staging

Home staging has the ultimate goal of getting your home sold quicker and for more money than if it had not been staged. The only way to achieve this is to making the home appeal to the greatest number of people as possible. Pop-Décor Home Staging Firm is an experienced home staging company that excels in getting your home looking its very best. They have had several years of experience staging homes in Texas and have learned all the tips and tricks to getting your home sold quickly. One such strategy that the Austin Home Stager uses is to fill a home with minimal amount of furniture to allow the spaces to remain roomy. When a buyer walks into a home that is overstocked with furniture or items is makes the place feel smaller. Buyers want to feel like the house is larger. If you have too many pieces on your own it is recommended that you put them in a storage unit. However, when you are trying to fill a home with furniture they use fewer pieces to allow for extra space. They do balance this with enough pieces to make the home feel lived in and like a home.


You may be asking yourself how they can leave the space in the room yet, make it appear homey. The strategy is to decorate the space with small pieces that add class and a story to your space. One small piece could be a picture from a trip to the ocean. Just this one small picture can make a potential buyer think about his or her own vacation. All of a sudden he or she feels at home and is ready to buy the home.

Put Your Homes above the Rest

Selling a home can be a very daunting task, especially if it is your first time doing so. There are numbers of things you can do to help the process run smoothly but, the Home Staging Austin Texas team can help you out. The trick is to help potential buyers see the best aspects of your home and get the home to sell itself. You want to bring out the best parts of your home and staging a home is the best way to accomplish this. Before you add furniture a house it is just a bunch of walls and floors. Once you add the furniture you create a relaxing environment that makes any person feel at home. It allows your buyer to visualizer him or herself living at the home before even buying it. This builds an emotional love of the home inside of the buyer. Once the buyer is in love with the house, it will sell itself.

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Houses do not just sell themselves; they actually sell themselves for higher prices than they would have otherwise. Many buyers try to negotiate lower prices than true value because they feel the value is lower. A better dressed home appears nicer and brings in higher prices. You can learn more About Austin Home Staging and get them to come out and take a look at your place. Once they have an idea of the space in your home, it will be a quick process to get all the furniture moved in. Home staging is worth every penny because it will more than pay for itself once the house sells. The combination of a higher price and quicker sale will bring you back your money plus some.

Home Staging to Improve House Value

When trying to sell your home the obvious goal is to get as much money as you want. There are many ways to improve your home’s value but, most of these are pricey. One obvious repair is to update a kitchen or bathroom. The value will improve but, at a high cost to you. If you are updating a home to live in it’s not such a bad thing. However, trying to get a home sold for a higher value won’t work if you have to pay a lot out of pocket. Hiring the help of a Home Stager is one of the cheapest ways to improve the value of your house. The trick is that you are not actually doing any work to your home. All you are spending on is a bit of professional help. The trick is that you are changing the visual appearance of a home to add perceived value to a house.


Perceived value is just as important as true value when you are selling a house. Trying to get a home sold is all about winning over the emotions of others. Creating an atmosphere that makes others feel at home is even more important than having a high end kitchen. This is a major improvement for Austin TX homes. While Austin homes often have high end finishing’s, this is not as important as having a home that feels like home the moment you walk in. Buyers understand that the furniture does not come with the home. The reason it helps because it is a visual aid that allows people to see the potential of the home.

A House is More than a Home


All houses are exactly the same. They may look different but, when you break them down to the bare basics, they are all just different combinations of paint, concrete, wood, etc. Ask yourself why do you enjoy your house? You will find that your house is actually a home because of the items and people inside it. Think back to when you first moved into your home and as you walked through the doors for the first time and it was bare. It was lonely and impersonal but once your decorated and moved in it turned from a house into your home. This empty space is all a potential buyer sees when walking into your for a tour. An Austin Home Stager can help turn this house into a full home where any potential buyer can see him or herself living. Once a home is properly staged a visitor will feel like he or she is already at home.

Do not underestimate the power of emotions in the home buying process. Only half the decision comes from rational points such as price or location. You should Contact Austin Home Stager to see what design would be the best for your home. Each home offers a unique and different space. This leads to endless opportunities as to interior design and furniture placement. Home staging will cost you a little bit of money but, imagine the money it will save by getting your home sold quicker. Research has shown that having a properly staged home increase the odds of your home being sold for full asking price by 48% and on average gets a home sold 3 months quicker than it would have on its own.

Numerous reasons to stage a home

There are numerous reasons to stage a home. You most likely know already that staging an empty home can make it more appealing. It gives it a “home” feeling that draws the buyer in to make an offer on the home. However, there is the added benefit that when the buyer is focused on the design he or she will be overlooking other things on the home.

For example, let’s say your house is 20 years old. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older home. However, with today’s housing market it can be difficult to sell an older home when dozens of brand new houses are sitting vacant just waiting to be picked up. There is no way to turn an older home into a brand new one but, by properly staging the home you can distract him or her from the fact that you home is older. Instead you will have the buyer focused on the designs and space that are available in your home.

Now to be clear, I am not suggesting that you hide information. That is wrong and you should always disclose and known problems with the house before signing contracts. I want you to be honest with your buyers but, by highlighting the best parts you can overshadow the bad. When you see a commercial on television for a product you are being told the best qualities of the product. Now if you go the store and view the actual item you can see the small print about the negatives. However, when selling and advertising they are focusing on the best parts. This is the exact same thing you should do when selling your home. You can simply think of home staging as a high end marketing technique.

When you list an empty house for sale you are advertising a 2000 square foot building with walls and a roof. When you list a staged home for sale you are selling a house that a family with their children can call home. I will be the first to tell you that the house will bring in a much better offer than the building with walls and a roof. Many buyers base decisions off of emotions and impulse. If you can create the dream home for the buyer to walk through you will have captured the sale. Do this with multiple buyers and you can receive multiple offers leading to a bidding war for you home. Not only will you sell your home but, with the proper home staging, you could even get more than you initially asked for.

Home Staging Austin

If your having a hard time selling your house, you should invest in home staging Austin. The professional stager will come to your house, and give you tips on how to sell your home. The goal of the professional is to sell your house up to make the most amount of money for the house as possible. The professional stager will also walk around your house and go through your house, to let you know what you should change.

Homes that have been vacated may need rental furniture. When potential buyers walk through the house, they have to know how they can use the space. Even if the furniture isn’t theirs, it gives them the opportunity to see how they can use the space. In addition, the home stager will likely say the rental furniture will hide any blushes with the house. These are just some of the reasons you should consider using the home stager in Austin.

Austin Home Staging

The most popular service that our company offers is occupied home staging. Consumers that are trying to sell their house should contact us. We will will be able to asses your house, and let you know what you can change in your house. It maybe as simple as reorganzing some furniture, so the room has a better appeal.

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If you decide to try to sell an empty house, you will have to make sure you fix all of the stratches in the walls because you will be able to see them without any furniture there. If you have the money, you may want to think about renting some furniture to hide some of the stratches in the walls. In addition, when you have rental furniture it shows the potential customer how you can use the furniture. We tend to overlook the imperfections of our houses, but the home stager can bring it to your attention.

Home Stagers in Austin TX

When a person is trying to sell their house it is important that it looks as nice as it can be. The home can be spacious and have everything that a buyer is looking for but there are some things that can have an affect on the sales. The nicer a home is decorated the more likely it is to sell. Home stagers in Austin TX can help a person decorate their home to the tee. Home stagers in Austin Texas are people that will help with the interior design of a home and will redecorate if needed to make the house look it best. These companies provides their decorating services for realtors and home owners that are looking to sell a home on the market. The designer will decorate furniture and all. The staging services also include adding decorative artwork, accessories, and good smells to a home to really impress buyers. They will help vacant homes look stylish and give current homeowners advice on how to best accent the features to make the house really stand out to buyers.

Austin Home Staging

Do you have a home for sale in the Austin area? If you don’t want your home to sit on the market without selling until your chance for a sale blows away like so much dust in the wind. You might think about hiring a Home Staging Service.


When your searching for a Austin Home Stager you need to keep in mind we are a consulting service. We simple show you what will appeal to people interested in buying your home. We will show you ways to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Most buyers already have an ideal of what kind of home they are looking for. So their first impression of your home sets the stage for the sale.

It is import to have a need uncluttered yard. Make sure the grass and shrubs are trimmed. We will show you what can be left out and what must go.

The home should be clean and have a fresh smell. There’s nothing like pet or cooking odors to turn a possible sale into a possible rejection.

We will show you where your home should be neutral so the buyer can see how their own decor will look in their new home. We will also show you ways to warm up the home so it is inviting to the buyers.

Let us help you sale your home. Be assured that homes owner who use are service has more possible buyers and usually faster sales.

Home Staging Austin TX

Home Staging Austin TX is a big business. Each year it brings in thousands of extra dollars for poor and middle class families who want to sell their house. The rich made millions in this business. Home staging is an easy business to understand. It just involves looking at what is unique about the home and using that to attract potential buyers. If the correct advice is followed, you can stage your home properly in Austin, TX or any other community in the world.

Each home has a special setting. Some are near the beach. Others are in the city or near the mountains. Homes in Austin, TX have a unique southwest look and are in a small city setting. This offers great views in the windows. Staging a home in Austin properly would involve putting curtains in all of the windows that attract attention so that people can enjoy the views.

Another important home staging tip is to use the natural features of the house. If it is an older one, you can put antique furniture and items around the home so that people appreciate how it feels. If it is a newer home, more modern and trendy furniture and decorations would be sufficient to stage the house.