A House is More than a Home


All houses are exactly the same. They may look different but, when you break them down to the bare basics, they are all just different combinations of paint, concrete, wood, etc. Ask yourself why do you enjoy your house? You will find that your house is actually a home because of the items and people inside it. Think back to when you first moved into your home and as you walked through the doors for the first time and it was bare. It was lonely and impersonal but once your decorated and moved in it turned from a house into your home. This empty space is all a potential buyer sees when walking into your for a tour. An Austin Home Stager can help turn this house into a full home where any potential buyer can see him or herself living. Once a home is properly staged a visitor will feel like he or she is already at home.

Do not underestimate the power of emotions in the home buying process. Only half the decision comes from rational points such as price or location. You should Contact Austin Home Stager to see what design would be the best for your home. Each home offers a unique and different space. This leads to endless opportunities as to interior design and furniture placement. Home staging will cost you a little bit of money but, imagine the money it will save by getting your home sold quicker. Research has shown that having a properly staged home increase the odds of your home being sold for full asking price by 48% and on average gets a home sold 3 months quicker than it would have on its own.