Solar screen jobs around Austin

Some pictures of sliding door screen installations.

In this picture I am showing some solar screen sliding doors made out of our 90% solar screen fabric. You got a pocket door on the right hand side. And then a sliding door to the left. That sliding door slides behind that pocket door when you need to get out. We matched the solar screen sliding door colors of chocolate Fabric and tan frame with the solar screens on the windows. As you can see to the left there, there are two solar screens on the windows.

The back side of this home faces West. Because this side of the home faces West we used ourĀ 90% solar screen fabric. The customer wanted to protect their sliding door so we built a pocket and solar screen sliding door for it.

With these measures, the back of this home will stay comfortable during the summer.

This Austin Texas solar screens project was a success for this homeowner.

Using the 90% solar screen fabric for the west-facing side.

This side of the home faces West, so we used our 90% solar screen fabric. This is a Pflugerville TX solar screens installation that we did in 2018.

Each of these back side windows received the 90% solar screen fabric.

As you can tell by looking at that back patio swing door, it as well now has a solar screen on it.

In the following picture you will see some 90% chocolate brown solar screens. This chocolate brown fabric of ours ties in really well with the brick for this house. As well as all of the other brown tones. We also have a new mocha brown fabric color. But the mocha has more of an orange tint to it and would not work on this home.

Solar screens sometimes have to be mounted with turn clips.

Here in this picture you can see where we installed half circle solar screens with two very tall rectangular shaped solar screens underneath them.

These are what we call Flat windows. For flat Windows there are not any kind of tracks at the top or bottom to hold a full size screen. Because of this we used our die cast metal turn Clips to hold the screens up against the window.

2018 Round Rock TX solar screens project completed in May 2018

2018 Round Rock TX solar screens project completed in May 2018

Showing how solar screens install onto wood windows.

This is a wood framed window project that we installed some grey solar window screens on. For wood-framed windows when we install solar screens we direct screw the screen into the inset wood trim of the window. The screens are screwed on using wood screws. We paint the heads the wood screws the same color as the solar screen framing so that they match.

You want your window to be able to drain.

This is a great picture here that shows how we install a solar screen onto a vinyl window. Most all vinyl windows will have drain holes at the bottom. We extracted, pulled, the drain hole plastic piece and then we took our solar screen down to about Midway of the drain hole. This way when water gets into the vinyl window it has a way to escape.