The Goal of Home Staging

Home staging has the ultimate goal of getting your home sold quicker and for more money than if it had not been staged. The only way to achieve this is to making the home appeal to the greatest number of people as possible. Pop-Décor Home Staging Firm is an experienced home staging company that excels in getting your home looking its very best. They have had several years of experience staging homes in Texas and have learned all the tips and tricks to getting your home sold quickly. One such strategy that the Austin Home Stager uses is to fill a home with minimal amount of furniture to allow the spaces to remain roomy. When a buyer walks into a home that is overstocked with furniture or items is makes the place feel smaller. Buyers want to feel like the house is larger. If you have too many pieces on your own it is recommended that you put them in a storage unit. However, when you are trying to fill a home with furniture they use fewer pieces to allow for extra space. They do balance this with enough pieces to make the home feel lived in and like a home.


You may be asking yourself how they can leave the space in the room yet, make it appear homey. The strategy is to decorate the space with small pieces that add class and a story to your space. One small piece could be a picture from a trip to the ocean. Just this one small picture can make a potential buyer think about his or her own vacation. All of a sudden he or she feels at home and is ready to buy the home.

You get what you pay for in Hotels

When looking for a hotel many people start by organizing the search results by price. I admit that I am guilty of doing this but, like all things in life, you get what you pay for. You may be able to find a hotel room for only $79 a night. However, this will be a nasty room with dirty bathrooms that you find yourself rushing to get out of in the morning. Pricing for Austin’s best hotel is much more complicated than just looking for the cheapest available. You probably do not travel to Austin every weekend so; you want to make your time in this city a memorable one. Instead of looking for the cheapest room available you should look for a room that you are happy to come back to at the end of the day. You deserve a space that you would be proud to call your own home. The best hotels in Austin are actually not a hotel at all. Instead you find yourself staying in a solitary unit where you are the only guest. No longer will you be sharing amenities and walls with noisy neighbors. Instead you will be staying in a palace larger than many homes. During your stay you will enjoy a full kitchen and dining rooms stocked with enough dishes and cookware to satisfy dozens of people. Perhaps you would rather relax at the end of a busy day. The luxury suite has a fully stocked bar near a large projector screen. Why go to the movies when you can sit in the comfort of your own home. Everybody likes to save a dollar but, just remember that you will get only as much as you pay for.

Choosing an Austin Vacation Rental

You have probably seen many commercial from websites reviewing hotels and where previous customers have shared their opinions. These sites are so popular because choosing the right vacation rental is as important as choosing the right spot to vacation. When you go to buy an item you get to look at it before you make a purchase but, when you travel and book a hotel you don’t have this option. You will not be able to see it until you get there. Imagine planning to get a room with a kitchen and you walk in to find only a microwave. This could put a real dampen on your vacation plans. The key to a successful trip on your next visit to Austin is Austin Vacation Rental Pictures. The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is absolutely true because in a picture you get to see the actual place you will be staying and can get an idea of how the place looks, as well as the amount of space you have.

When I look to book any vacation rental I will not make a reservation until I get to see pictures. If a hotel will not provide pictures then what are they trying to hide? I want to be able to scroll through dozens of pictures before I make any final plans. Austin Vacation Rentals are the exact same way. I always look through the pictures too see what I am actually booking. Sometimes I find gems in the rough that I love but, other times I may see a place isn’t as great as I thought. The point is that by looking at pictures ahead of time I will never again be shocked when I walk into a vacation rental.