A House is More than a Home


All houses are exactly the same. They may look different but, when you break them down to the bare basics, they are all just different combinations of paint, concrete, wood, etc. Ask yourself why do you enjoy your house? You will find that your house is actually a home because of the items and people inside it. Think back to when you first moved into your home and as you walked through the doors for the first time and it was bare. It was lonely and impersonal but once your decorated and moved in it turned from a house into your home. This empty space is all a potential buyer sees when walking into your for a tour. An Austin Home Stager can help turn this house into a full home where any potential buyer can see him or herself living. Once a home is properly staged a visitor will feel like he or she is already at home.

Do not underestimate the power of emotions in the home buying process. Only half the decision comes from rational points such as price or location. You should Contact Austin Home Stager to see what design would be the best for your home. Each home offers a unique and different space. This leads to endless opportunities as to interior design and furniture placement. Home staging will cost you a little bit of money but, imagine the money it will save by getting your home sold quicker. Research has shown that having a properly staged home increase the odds of your home being sold for full asking price by 48% and on average gets a home sold 3 months quicker than it would have on its own.

What is the Austin Luxury Suite?


The owners of the Austin luxury suite set out several years ago to create a rental home away from home that visitors would be proud to stay in trip after trip. The idea sprung from a personal vacation where the hotel ended up being a dump that merited leaving in the night and checking into a different place. It ruined part of the vacation and exposed the fact that most vacation units are subpar, to say the least. The Austin Vacation Home Rental is designed with the customer, not the bottom line, in mind. While business is essential to hotels, the more important part is creating a space that visitors will come back to. The owners started out by walking through their own home and taking note of everything that made them enjoy where they live. They then took these essential parts and brought them together to form the Austin Luxury Suite.


To start you will find that the Austin Vacation Home Rental Pricing is all inclusive. Nothing is more frustrating than being hit with excessive upcharges at checkout. Here what you agree to upfront is what you pay. Secondly, when you walk in you will see why this is no ordinary hotel. Every square inch of space is decorated and planned for your entertainment. The bathrooms are like those of a spa, the bedrooms are warm, and the kitchen is large enough to happily serve your entire family. When you travel on a vacation or business trip you deserve much more than a basic room with a bed. On your next trip of Austin take a look at the luxury suite. You will never look at a hotel room the same way again.

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How to Start with an Interior Decorator

Interior decorating is a fun process. It allows you to express ideas and themes throughout a space by simply moving a few pieces and choosing appropriate color schemes for the space. However, there is a science to it because not all designs work for others. If you are designing a place for yourself you can do whatever suites you but, for others you have to be able to create a space that will please every person walking in the room. Paula Hobbs is an Interior Decorator Austin expert. She has many years of experience that allow her to walk into a space and get a sense for the soul and potential of the room. This is where I recommend you begin. Before you make any major commitments she will come out to your location for a two hour consultation. She will be able to see the space and help you make the important decisions to make your space as visually appealing as possible. You better be ready to get some work done when she arrives because the moment she walks in the gears of design will be spinning in her head.

She respects all her customers and will not waste a moment of her time. Her years of experience allow her brain to produce ideas much quicker than others who are just entering the field of design. You may be asking what kind of work is she able to produce. I will tell you the same thing I tell others; just see for yourself. You can look at Interior Décor Pictures to get an idea of what your space can look like by the time she is done. It only takes a matter of hours to turn your house into a beautifully designed resort.

Dripping Springs TX Solar Screen Installation

110113z (3)This is an Austin Texas SOLAR WINDOW SCREEN installation that we did on a home in Dripping Springs, Texas. We installed a total of 32 solar screens on this home. This customer had quite a few half‑circles as you can tell by these pictures. We put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home, front, left, back, and right‑side.

110113z (4)The fabric color that we used is a black fabric with a white frame, and we used 80 percent solar screens all the way around the house.  This customer like all our customer was very happy with the installation and wrote us a happy solar screen customer review of which we posted on our website.