28 Window Solar Screen Installation

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This is an Austin Texas solar screen installation that we did for a customer in north Austin. We put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home, a total of 28 windows. We used a chocolate fabric with white frame.

110113y (10)The one window that we did not put a solar screen on is a back patio door. I would have liked to, for uniformity’s sake seen a solar screen on that back patio door. I think it looks odd to not have one on it.

Also, this customer had a pergola across his entire back patio. Pergolas make it very difficult for us to put solar screens on the second‑floor windows. However, we will do it and our solar screen pricing does not change. Just please be cognitive of knowing whether or not you have a stable pergola for us to be able to stand on it or not before you start your order.

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Quaint Austin Boutiques

Austin, Texas is a rich city full of life and spontaneity. Of all the cities you visit, Austin will be one of the most unique. The culture in the area is as elegant as the attractions in the city. On your next trip I urge you to consider one of the Austin Boutique Hotels as an alternative to your typical two bed room. Your standard hotel room is nothing to write home about. In fact I already have an image in my head of every hotel room I have ever visited. They are all the same and you deserve better on your next vacation. The very first, and best, Boutique Hotels Austin that I stayed at was the Austin Luxury Suite. It was the nicest place I ever stayed. It was much more unique than any other place I had been. To start off I walked in and was thrown back when I saw everything. After my busy day I was relieved to see a full bar to mix myself a drink quickly. After laying my bags down in the spacious bedroom I headed out to backyard to prepare some hamburgers to cook on the grill. The backyard has a fully stocked kitchen and grill. I wasn’t planning to entertain but, I could have cooked for a family reunion out there. If you are traveling with your family this luxury suite will have plenty of space to cook with the entire family. I have digressed a little bit but, the point is that no matter what your traveling plans are you will enjoy the luxury suite. Of all the boutiques in Austin it is the one I recommend the highest.

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Staying at the best vacation rental home in Austin

When looking at travel websites you will find that most have a few pictures of the place you are interested in staying. If you are lucky you may find a dozen or so. Now, how many times have you starred at a picture for a couple minutes trying to pick up all the details and dimensions? I know I have found myself in this exact spot several times. Pictures, if improperly taken, can be deceiving. Some people purposely do this to make the space look better than it is. It usually means  that the owner is either lazy or trying to hide something from you before you book your stay. Both of these options are setting your stay up for a disappointing start.

At the Austin Luxury Suite you will find only the best of everything during your stay but, how do you know that before booking? The owners have gone through great lengths to ensure you know exactly where you will be staying before you ever walk in. If you look at their site you will find a page fully devoted to displaying pictures and floor plans of the suite. This is an awesome floor plan and I urge you to spend a few minutes going through it. At the Austin Luxury suite there are no surprises, except for a few more smiles than you were expecting. They have nothing to hide and they post all these visuals on their site to aid in your decision process. Because they strive for 110% customer satisfaction they only want you to book a stay if the suite goes above and beyond your expectations. To stay at the best Austin Vacation Home Rental, contact them for yourself. They will be happy to answer and all questions before you book your future stay.