Solar Shades for Windows

Are you at your whit’s end with regards to the sun constantly poking it’s hot head into your private living quarters? Have you begun to change your mind about how wonderful it is to live in a place where the warm climate is constant? Set your worries and frustrations aside and buy solar shades for every window in your home. Installing solar shades for windows is easy and painless. If you cannot do it yourself, you can always count on a professional to install them for you. Every penny you pay to buy and install these solar shades is worth the initial hassle; It means you no longer have to worry about the sun’s heat sneaking into your home.

black screens with red brick
Let the sunlight in when you wish to do so, but keep the heat out. It will help you conserve on your cooling and electric bill. Running your air conditioning system more than you need to because your home is overheated by the sun is less than optimal. Solar window shades can eliminate all of these issues for you by simply blocking the heat generated by the sun. They are easy to maintain and worth the money. Get your solar window shades today and begin living in a cooler environment.

Home Staging Austin

If your having a hard time selling your house, you should invest in home staging Austin. The professional stager will come to your house, and give you tips on how to sell your home. The goal of the professional is to sell your house up to make the most amount of money for the house as possible. The professional stager will also walk around your house and go through your house, to let you know what you should change.

Homes that have been vacated may need rental furniture. When potential buyers walk through the house, they have to know how they can use the space. Even if the furniture isn’t theirs, it gives them the opportunity to see how they can use the space. In addition, the home stager will likely say the rental furniture will hide any blushes with the house. These are just some of the reasons you should consider using the home stager in Austin.

Interior Decorator Paula Hobbs

Pop-Decor Austin, Texas Interior Decorator Paula Hobbs will work with you to create a living and entertaining space that you love.

Your home is the way you express your personality. It is your living space. You can make it a place where you relax and where your family and friends feel welcomed and refreshed.

You have goals and dreams. Home is a springboard to make these happen.

Imagine walking into your home with the incredible feeling that this is the place you can kick off your shoes and be yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning to a work space that helps you get ready for a productive day?

Make your kitchen not only a workhorse to feed everyone you love, but a place to share wonderful memories of friendship and good times.

Don’t forget to give yourself a bathroom that lets you wash away the worries of the day.

From building a new home to bringing new pizzazz to a beloved room, and even staging a home for sale, Paula will help you achieve your plans.

You already own furniture and decorations that you love. Make use of what you have with Paula’s expertise in arrangement.

If you are building a new home or remodeling, Paula can assist you in design choices when you select building materials, purchase furniture, or even find a contractor.

Take the first step by contacting Paula. Make your home a place where you live and thrive.

Austin Home Staging

The most popular service that our company offers is occupied home staging. Consumers that are trying to sell their house should contact us. We will will be able to asses your house, and let you know what you can change in your house. It maybe as simple as reorganzing some furniture, so the room has a better appeal.

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If you decide to try to sell an empty house, you will have to make sure you fix all of the stratches in the walls because you will be able to see them without any furniture there. If you have the money, you may want to think about renting some furniture to hide some of the stratches in the walls. In addition, when you have rental furniture it shows the potential customer how you can use the furniture. We tend to overlook the imperfections of our houses, but the home stager can bring it to your attention.

Boutique Hotels in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has many activities for you and your family to enjoy, but most important is having accomodations for your living arrangments. Austin offers some of the very best boutique hotels around such as the grand Aloft Austin at The Domain Hotel located at 11601 Domain Dr. The average cost per night is $170 to $204. This is an urban style hotel with amenities such as pools, business center, and meeting rooms. This one-hundred and forty room hotel will be worth your while. Another one of Austin’s boutique hotels is the fabulous Habitat Suites hotel located at 500 E. Highland Mall Blvd. The average cost per night at this environmentally friendly hotel is $107 to $207. The majority of there power are through solar energy. They offer meeting rooms, complimentary breakfast, and pools. The Kimber Modern hotel is one of the best boutique technological hotels in Austin, Texas. The hotel is located at 110 The Circle. The average price per night for a single or double range from $250 to 365. The naturalistic courtyard combines nature with a sleek modern scheme. In all, Austin, Texas have several modern boutique hotels that will be worth your stay while visiting Austin, Texas.

Visit to learn all about Austin’s best Boutique Hotel Alternative.

Austin Custom Window Screens are an Excellent Choice

Let Josh Hobbs install custom window screens and set an excellent example for your children. Show them that going green is something that you can do with many of your life choices. It’s not just recycling, it’s conserving energy and making responsible choices.


Though many families want to go green, they don’t know where to start. Installing custom window screens is a great place to start, and Josh Hobbs will do an excellent job of this for you. If doing good things for the environment is really important to you, then you probably want your friends and family to get into it as well. However, getting others excited is one thing, but getting them to actually do something is a completely different thing. When they think about changing their entire way of life, they become overwhelmed and often give up.

When doing something good for the environment simply entails hiring someone else to install money saving shades on the outside of their home, they will be more inclined to actually go through with the process. You can be confident that if you hire Josh Hobbs to work with on your home, you will have a pleasant experience. The customer service is excellent and Josh is a trustworthy and hardworking person that you will feel comfortable to bring into your home.

Hip Austin Hotels

Austin is a trendy city located in central Texas. It is not only the capitol of Texas, but also a popular tourist destination known as the “Music Capitol of the World.” There are thousands of hotels located throughout Austin. Here are some of Austin’s hippest hotels: The Lakeway Resort and Spa- Located on the shore of Lake Travis, this five-star hotel has a deluxe spa on site, along with an 18-hole golf course. It has spectacular views of Austin and is conveniently located to most of Austin’s hottest bars and night clubs. Aloft Austin at the Domain- This hip hotel is located in the heart of downtown Austin, features a popular lounge and bar and is becoming on of the hottest hotels in the area. It’s location is perfect for shopping, dancing and bar hopping and there’s never a shortage of events happening in the area. The Hilton Austin- For a deluxe, five star stay, the Hilton Austin is a trendy and modern hotel located in Austin’s famous entertainment district. This is the largest hotel in the city, has it’s own restaurant and bar, and is within walking distance of many of Austin’s most popular attractions.