Josh Hobbs, Expert Installer of Solar Screens for Windows of Austin Homes

If visit Josh Hobbs website, you will find over 300 positive reviews from satisfied customers. You will also see that these reviews are authentic and many of them are signed with the first and last names of your neighbors. If you are thinking of getting solar screens for windows of Austin homes, then you should go with a contractor that you can trust and that is known for his excellent customer service.

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If you are still learning about solar screens and trying to decide if they are for you. Josh has an excellent website up. He goes into great detail so that you understand exactly what the process will be like and how installing these sun shades will benefit you.

The FAQ section of the site is great and after being in this business for so many years, Josh does seem to be able to anticipate what questions or concerns you might have. He is also able to walk you through the process quite effectively. You’ll also find many photos on the website of completed jobs that Josh has done, and you will see that he has worked on many different types of homes and businesses. He has worked with buildings made of brick, wood and siding and in whatever styles you can think of.

Austin Luxury Suite

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Perfect for a couples retreat, a small family getaway or as a home away from home when traveling for business, there are not many vacation rental homes of the high calibre of Austin Luxury Suite. Hand crafted marble walls, an elegantly appointed and fully equipped kitchen and a private movie theatre are just a few of the many amenities offered at this one of a kind rental property in Austin. This two bedroom dream vacation home, sheltered behind a gated stone wall and perfectly landscaped with local flora and fauna, also includes a quarter acre of beautiful outdoor living space.


An automated coffee maker to get coffee made for you without having to go to Starbucks.

An automated coffee maker to get coffee made for you without having to go to Starbucks.

A koi pond complete with lily pads and a covered outdoor dining area provide a peaceful retreat for nature lovers. Plentiful outdoor seating and lush green grass complemented by local desert succulents make it an area perfect for reading, socializing, or catching up on work. Additional amenities include a fully stocked laundry room, catered dining, and massages upon request. A wide selection of beverages, including coffee and and juice, is also available free of charge. The Austin Luxury Suite can be rented at a daily, weekly, or monthly rate. For guests looking for a level of comfort and privacy not found in common vacation rental homes, it is the ideal choice.

An interior decorator with compassion for my needs

When you are decorating your home either for the first time or to change its look it is important to have someone who can meet all your needs at the end of the day. Communication is key, so when you are looking for an interior designer make sure that you find one who can meet all of your needs. Trust in an interior decorator who has insight and the compassion to meet all of your needs. If you are looking for an interior decorator then look no further, you have found one that is willing to dedicate the time to have all of your personal home decorating desires met.


By providing personal attention you will find that your interior designer will take the time to seriously please you about your home’s appearance. The way to truly improve one’s home is to take a look at its current status and to tell your interior decorator how you want it changed, and that is exactly what you get with your new interior designer who will listen and meet your needs.

Take the first step and get in contact with an interior designer who is ready to listen to your inquiries. Have all of your questions answered before you begin the process, that way you know what direction your new designer is taking towards redecorating your new home. Communication is key, and with proper communication you will find that your home is going to look more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

5 Star Hotel in Austin, TX

Visiting the historic and fun-filled city of Austin, Texas means that a person and their family should have top notch hotel facilities. When it comes to 5 star hotels in Austin, TX, the best place to look at and inquire about is the Four Seasons Hotel Austin. Located at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard in Downtown Austin, the Four Seasons Hotel Austin is known for its superior service and the awesome views that comes with the rooms. Another great thing that comes with rooming at the Four Season Hotel Austin is that most of the big convention centers and museums are just within 500 yards or so from the hotel. Within walking distance is the Austin Convention Center and the Austin Children’s Museum. Just about everyone who talks about staying at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin always give it a rave review and comment about its perfect location, the beauty of the hotel, and most important is the above average hospitality. If you are looking for a top notch 5 star hotel in Austin, TX, the best place to go is the Four Seasons Hotel Austin.

Screens for Windows Equal Warm Weather Savings

If you are trying to save money this summer, one great way is to cut your air conditioner bill in half. In fact, you can do this every single summer from here on out. What could you do with hundreds of dollars extra this summer? Could you and your family go on a vacation? Could you get the kids a present they’ve been wanting for a while? Or would you just like to put some aside to help build up your savings?

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Whatever you want to do with your extra money this summer and every summer, the best thing to do is to move forward with the process of installing screens for windows. If you wait and talk yourself out of it, you will regret it. You will go through 3 months of summer and wonder why in the world you wasted all the money that you have.

Many of Josh Hobbs’ customers state that their homes are completely cool and comfortable after they walk into their homes after being outside, and the air conditioner was not on at all. They state that this is true, even in midday when the Texas sun is the hottest. They are a wise choice and most homeowners that have them, can’t believe they every lived without them.

Luxury at its best

Austin, Texas has a lot to offer for its tourism. If, you are planning on visiting Austin, Texas there are a lot of events you can partake in. There is the famous Austin Film Festival in which thousands of people both locally and celebrity come together in the heart of Austin, Texas. There is the comedy club in which several acts come through. Austin prides itself on outdoor activities, but in the mist of this all you will need a comfortable place to stay. Austin, Texas offers some of the best hotels in Texas. A few of the hotels Austin has to offer are the Four Season hotel. The Four Season hotel is located at 98 San Jacinto Blvd. They allow pets, have an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, fine dining, and a spa retreat among others. You will enjoy your stay at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin. Another superior hotel is the Driskill hotel. The hotel is located at 604 Brazos Street. They have one of the best golfing resort packages and also pets are allowed. This one-hundred and eighty-eight room hotel will have you returning back for more. Therefore enjoy your stay in Austin, Texas in luxury.

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