Solar Shade Screen Windows, One Simple Product, So Many Benefits

Not many products can boast results like solar shade screen windows. In addition to blocking out heat, these shades will let light through even when they are closed. They are an ideal choice if you want to have one the best summers you can remember. Don’t waste another summer and a lot of money double thinking a decision that should be an obvious one. Say yes to solar shade screen windows.

finishing touches

There are even some places in the country that will give you tax benefits for making improvements like these to your home. Many people are installing Energy Saver appliances in order to get these tax breaks, installing sun shades is just another way to do this. In addition to getting financial help in the way of tax breaks, you will have lower electric bills and a lower level of stress in general, since you don’t have to deal with the worry that high utility bills can bring.

With these shades, it’s easy to be a good example in your community. There are no new things you have to learn and no special things you have to do to take advantage of all of the benefits solar shade screen windows can bring. Head over to the website and create your estimate now. You don’t have to wait for someone to come out and give you a quote.

Austin Home Staging

Do you have a home for sale in the Austin area? If you don’t want your home to sit on the market without selling until your chance for a sale blows away like so much dust in the wind. You might think about hiring a Home Staging Service.


When your searching for a Austin Home Stager you need to keep in mind we are a consulting service. We simple show you what will appeal to people interested in buying your home. We will show you ways to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

Most buyers already have an ideal of what kind of home they are looking for. So their first impression of your home sets the stage for the sale.

It is import to have a need uncluttered yard. Make sure the grass and shrubs are trimmed. We will show you what can be left out and what must go.

The home should be clean and have a fresh smell. There’s nothing like pet or cooking odors to turn a possible sale into a possible rejection.

We will show you where your home should be neutral so the buyer can see how their own decor will look in their new home. We will also show you ways to warm up the home so it is inviting to the buyers.

Let us help you sale your home. Be assured that homes owner who use are service has more possible buyers and usually faster sales.

Find the Best Furniture For Your Home With A Great Austin Interior Decorator

So you’re looking around the house one day and you notice that your furniture is getting a little long in the tooth. It’s a little worn and, frankly, out of style. You decide that you need to get rid of that old stuff and find something that works better. But what? If you’re unsure what kind of furniture will work best with your rooms, you should consider hiring an interior decorator.


New furniture shopping by an Austin interior decorator might be just what you need. Let her come to your house, analyze your color scheme, and ask you about your expectations. Chances are that she’ll be able to find furniture that looks great, even in ways that you didn’t at first expect.

Decorating your room with new furniture is an art and requires an artist’s eye to maximize the aesthetic beauty. Attempting to find new furniture on your own can result in some unfortunate looks for your rooms. That’s because your eye isn’t trained in the kind of subtleties that an interior decorator will be looking for.

Paula Hobbs is an experienced interior decorator who can find bring out the natural personality of a room by picking out furniture that works well with a room’s colors and design. Check out her website and you’re sure to agree.

Home Staging Austin TX

Home Staging Austin TX is a big business. Each year it brings in thousands of extra dollars for poor and middle class families who want to sell their house. The rich made millions in this business. Home staging is an easy business to understand. It just involves looking at what is unique about the home and using that to attract potential buyers. If the correct advice is followed, you can stage your home properly in Austin, TX or any other community in the world.

Each home has a special setting. Some are near the beach. Others are in the city or near the mountains. Homes in Austin, TX have a unique southwest look and are in a small city setting. This offers great views in the windows. Staging a home in Austin properly would involve putting curtains in all of the windows that attract attention so that people can enjoy the views.

Another important home staging tip is to use the natural features of the house. If it is an older one, you can put antique furniture and items around the home so that people appreciate how it feels. If it is a newer home, more modern and trendy furniture and decorations would be sufficient to stage the house.

Home Staging in Austin.

Home staging in this economy is almost a given. The very idea that a perspective client looking for real estate wouldn’t find the home that is being offered on todays market more appealing with the visual appeal that staging offers is just not correct. In todays real estate market every opportunity should be given to the property to show off its desirability and comfort qualities. Home staging in Austin connection and see a vision make the difference on whether the potential buyer views the home as a place they can make a profit, or actual home for their selves.

Visualization is one of the key elements that drive a purchase to become a closing deal. Closing a deal in the home sales industry is often hard when the perspective client cant visualize the idea of their selves or someone else actually living in the home. With the use of home staging in Austin the home becomes a place that represents comfort, curb appeal and just plain great looks. Homes unstaged are often left on the market because they just cant present a vision to customers like a staged home is capable. The small investment to have a home staging in Austin is by far one of the wisest investments a broker, seller or real estate agent could make.

Why Use a Home Staging Service to Sell Your Home in Austin

Want to sell your home for the best price, in the quickest amount of time? The solution is to use a professional home stager. Home Staging in Austin Texas should be done with the best, Paula Hobbs is the gold standard for interior decorating. Getting results, selling your home is the goal, and is the site to locate the premier home stager in Austin (this is not exaggerated).

A professional with impeccable taste, she can create a marketable first impression for selling homes. Her portfolio includes multimillion dollar mansions to trendy lofts in the downtown area. Services range from basic decorating of furnished homes to new builds. A creative eye for detail allows her to create the perfect ambiance that customers are looking for.

Selling a home can be challenging, getting the best price possible means hiring professionals. A professional home stager will help sell a home faster. Agents, sellers and buyers appreciate the value added to the home by using a dedicated professional found at Creative professional home staging in Austin Texas can be be hired for a small fee. The fee is a small investment towards marketing a home in the competitive Austin real estate market. Paula Hobbs, an interior decorator has been staging homes in the Austin with positive results.

Sun Screens Austin Texas for windows

The Texas sun can get very hot. It is able to heat up anything in its path including the inside of a home. Even with the air condition running the suns rays that come in through the windows can make the home feel like a sauna. There is help for homeowners to stay cool. There are sun screens Austin Texas for windows to keep the heat out.
The sun screens are installed over the window to block out the heat.


The screens are made from a durable PVC coated fabric. There screen are made from Phifer Suntex 80 90% material so they are built to last. The screen are so strong that they can resist harsh weather conditions and even scratching for pets. The screen will keep the heat out but still allow the light to come in. These screens are customized to fit any window of a home whether it is big or small.

Great Accessories and Art From a Top Austin, TX Interior Decorator

If something about your Austin home seems not quite right, you should consider hiring an interior decorator to jazz up the place a little with artwork and other cool nick knacks that will totally change the look of a room, or even your entire home. Bold accessories and art sourced by an Austin TX interior decorator can turn your room into something even you don’t recognize (but in a good way).

An Austin interior decorator will work with you to find the best matches for the colors and style of your room. They’ll make sure you’re happy with the artwork and accessories they select and that they match your personality. They’ll work within your budget to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

Any number of artworks and accessories will work for a given room. They key is integrating your personal preferences. Maybe you like more modern, abstract art. Perhaps you prefer artwork that’s representational. Whatever you like, your interior designer will find pieces that match your exact personality.

Paula Hobbs is the kind of Austin interior decorator that everyone loves. She’s affordable at all income levels. She’s even available for two-hour consultations. If you’re thinking about adding artwork or accessories to your home or apartment, make sure to give her a call first.

Saving Energy with Solar Screen Windows

Solar screen windows are one of the most effective types of windows a homeowner can install if they are looking to lower their energy bill. This is because solar screen windows prevent heat from being transferred through your windows. Most window companies are going to tell you that you should convert all of your windows solar screens in order to maximize the energy you are saving. However, that is simply not true. It is recommended that you definitely cover all of your windows that are facing east and west. You can also consider covering all of your windows facing south as well. However, it is not suggested that you cover any windows facing north with solar screens. There is, however, an exception to this rule. If your north facing windows receive a strong glare from the sun due to nearby buildings or structures, they should be covered with solar screens as well.

windows that have wood shutters

Lastly, you do not have to worry about the installation process taking too long as solar screen windows are extremely easy to install on any home.

Finding a great Austin Home Stager

A first impression can say a lot about a person. It can also say a lot about a home. When trying to sell a home people can use the assistance of a home stager. The home stager will redecorate the house to make it look sharp. Finding a great Austin home stager can mean the difference between a sale and having someone pass on the house. The home stager will help a person make their home look great inside and out. They will give suggestions on everything from proper landscaping to removing all the clutter from the home. These services are available to people who are looking to sell their home, realtors, and those looking to spruce up a vacant home. When finding a great Austin home stager be sure to ask for pictures and references of the home that they have designed before.


A good home stager will the appeal of the home. They will also add appealing decorative pieces and design a focal point for each room. When selling a home a first impression is everything and the designer can help to make it a good one.